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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My name is Michael, Mike if you want to. I like to draw. I'm in college for animation.


I created this character for a story concept where basically it stars this girl who was chosen to protect the forest from any threats that will try and destroy nature's beauty. That's about it so far.

Her name is Genesis and she's a faun.
Used my own devilish, okay looking face for this one

Hero File: DOMAIN

Notes from PR0F. L1AM's journal

Narcissistic, Nice(a bit too nice), Dad You Always Wanted

A Mister Antonio Castro, better known as Domain, or just Main to his allies. Quite into his looks and loves to admire his reflection. "Doesn't have a bad side" is his usual description, and has received millions of compliments on his face(surprising the dude never seems to care for dating and relationships).

Personality wise he's the "I'm not mad at you, I'm disappointed in you" type of person. When he says it, you can't tell that he's actually incredibly furious he just knows how much it hurts more when someone tells you that you're disappointed in them. Though very vain, He's the type of guy you go to as someone who'll listen to your problems even if he has no idea what to do with them. He really cares for everything and wants the best for friends and family and hopes to see the good everyone. A bit too optimistic though if you ask me.

He discovered his abilities at an early age(parents watched their infant levitate his toys) and from then on he's only been going forward. If you couldn't figure it out from the previous statement he has the power of telekinesis at his disposal. Two decades of practice and he has trained his mind to capture anything coming his way on basic instinct. If you shot a sniper point blank at him he'll stop the bullet before it leaves the gun, and that's "child's play." He's capable of moving around several hundred million tons with his mind. His most notable fight was when he used almost every building in sight as weapons-it was an abandoned city, no citizens harmed, they were already dead before he got there. One of his favorite things is to carry around bullets and do the little finger gun things except he "fires" real rounds.

He also dabbles into some mind control from time to time. He's able to influence other's actions but he needs to be in a calm state in order to do so otherwise he ends up fucking up the target's brain, which can be fixed but it's a pain. Other weaknesses include his limits for moving objects: Sure he can move really heavy objects but he has to really work his way up and train his mind to do so. If his limit is a building and he tries to move a planet out of orbit then he'll probably die.

Something worth of note is his obsession with Misschievous. When word comes out of where she is he always insists he go and confront her, sometimes alone. He definitely knows more about her than we do but whenever asked about it he just says he wants that woman to be put behind's rather...odd.
A villain I created for a story a friend and I made up for a project. Well, I created her. It's been a month after we finished the project


Notes from PR0F. L1AM
Cold Heart, An Everlasting Smile, Joyous Attitude Towards Everything

Not much is really known as to where this woman came from but she is to not be taken lightly. The only thing we know is that her first name is Dolly. We've asked around for missing reports world wide for a "Dolly" to no avail.

Anyway, who ever this person is they're powerful. Her abilities deal with the dark arts. Her abilities include blood magic, spell casting, necromancy, voodoo, shape shifting, and, possession. And she is quite experienced with these powers. I'm not 100% sure but I'm fairly certain that she's lived for centuries. One time she brought back some dead that she claimed were "very old friends" not to mention her vast knowledge on history.

She is quite smart and is quick to learn from mistakes quickly and never makes the same mistake twice. She's incredibly agile with tactics that involve using necromancy and mind control in order to avoid having to use too much of her energy. When she does take things into her own hands and then watch out as she's known to go all out and cause massive damage to the target and surrounding area. Her weaknesses include white magic and herself- she may be incredibly experienced but she can tire herself out is she uses her abilities in a frenzy, which can happen if you can get inside her head and anger her.

We haven't been able to contain her as she uses what energy she has left when losing in a fierce battle to teleport somewhere unknown. In order to assure humanity's safety in the future we need to capture and imprison her as soon as possible.
Last year a friend and I had to create a short story for a project. We liked it so much that I just had to draw them.

Her name is Amber(obviously) and she has power over bubbles. She can shoot them from her hands and turn things into bubbles.

I'm terrible with fun poses so I used this reference:…


Notes from PR0F. L1AM's journal

Shy, Fan Girl, Adjusting To Abilities

Ms. Oxton had always looked up to all heroes when growing up. You step into her bedroom and all of a sudden you find yourself in a Superhero themed world.

A bit disappointing she didn't have any of my merchandise...but it's no popularity contest...would have been nice though....

Amber found out that she could create bubbles as her powers when she was 10. Though discovering she had powers she was disappointed and ashamed of herself due to the lack luster ability especially comparing herself to all the other powered people of the world. Ever since she kept her power a secret. It wasn't until age 19 she developed her abilities further when saving her best friend, an Ian Donovan, from a home invasion. When found out an armed assailant fired at her when she-as the family and gunman described-turned the bullets into bubbles. She would then due the same with an alien death weapon not much later.

News broke out about her new found abilities and It was asked that I, Domain, Glasheer, and Rubber Randy(seriously, she cried when she met him) help run studies and train her and develop her abilities to the fullest, this should be interesting.
-------------------BRIEF DESCRIPTION --------------------
Name:Helmi AuroriaHelmi is Finnish for pearl 

Age: 17

Occupation: Student at Beacon

Partner: Crystal "Chrissy" Cloud

"Although I am blind, but I can assure you that I can, how you say, 'Kick your ass,' just like anyone that can see. Allow me to show you."

+  Quite the mature young woman; she maintains a professional, composed, and elegant nature.
+/- Very honest with people and cares for everyone though she can be too honest to the point of insult
- Never upset or at least she chooses to pretend any negative emotions don't exist, making her a time bomb. She doesn't want anyone to worry about her as she has some self-doubt and doesn't see herself as worth it due to various abuse (both mental and physical) as a child.

Weapon: Astéri tou VoréaStar of the North Wind
Plain and simple. Astéri is a whip sword.

In it's sword form is about 3-4.5 feet in length but in a fully extended whip it could wrap itself around a Goliath two or three times. 

Her primary focus in combat is to distract and keep the opponent off balance with a fighting style that is based on ribbon dancing due to her background and expertise in said dance. She moves the sword(which give a blue and purple glow in whip formation) in a unique and unpredictable and quite mesmerizing motion that draws the eye of the opponent and then takes the opportunity to trip up or disarm the opponent then attacks them with Astéri in sword form.

Semblance: Hey Look at This!

Tis a silly one to be honest. She can make someone(who can see) focus on the first object they see. To put that into more detail, she has to make contact with the target- and people will witness a white energy/glow on the target and said target will not be able to help but to keep their eyes on the first object they see. Say the target sees a tree right after they've been affected by Helmi's semblance, they'll have the sudden, immense,  urge to look at said tree and can't stop looking at it no matter where they go. If they were to run from it they would turn their head towards the tree's direction. Once the glow stops they'll have their ability to look at anything again.

The amount of time this takes to ware off varies on how much aura is used, a lot can make it last up to 30 min- 1 hour while a little amount of aura only lasts for about 2 min.

Emblem: Segmented Sword
Represents her whip sword but there are scratches visible that represent the scars on her face. But a scratched sword doesn't make it ineffective.</sub>